Got a problem? Let me help!!

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Just try it out! the solution is maby alot closer than you think!
VVV-Press ctrl+f to search-VVV
Instead of pressing ctrl+alt+del and then clicking task manager

press ctrl+shift+esc top open task manager directly
Don't make decisions when you're angry

Don't make prommises when you're happy
If you find a lost drivers license, you can drop it in any mail box as is

The postal service will take it back to the driver
kIf you get mugged so often that you carry a decoy wallet


If a DVD won't let you skip the previews

Press stop twice then play. Skips to the biginning of the movie
Don't show up 5 minutes before a place closes

Some cooks like to mess with your food and you will never be able to know what they did
Someone or an activity shook your soda?

Tap the sides to knock the air bubbles to the top so your soda stays in the can when you open it
Select a file you want to rename

Press f2 and start directly typing in the real name
Practice fake smiling in the mirror every day before work/school

You'll start to genuinely feel happier!
You can heal paper cuts and immediately stop the pain

Need to get rid of a Pimple?

Apply tooth paste for half an our it will dry out the zit
The night before place things you don't want to forget

On top of your shoes
If you accidently write on your dry erase board with permanent marker

Write over it with a dry erase marker and then remove it
Short on time with a wrinkled dress shirt?

Hang it up in the bathroom while you shower to steam it flat
When shopping on amazon look for 3-star reviews

Users that rate a product in the middle tend to list both pros and cons
Instead of going to dinner and a movie, go to the movie first followed by dinner after

This way you'll have something to talk about at dinner
If you have been friendzoned, get her to fix you up with one of her friends

She'll either feel jalous and admit her feelings for you, or set you up on dates. No more getting shot down!
If you accidently scratch an xbox 360 disk

Rent/borrow a copy of the game and install it to the hard drive. Insert the old disk and boot from library
Need to get around a blocked website at work?

Try replacing the http:// with https://
Video buffering on youtube?

Press the up arrow, it will start a game of snake!
Use hydrogen peroxide

To remove blood stains from laundry
When cleaning a mirror, use a coffee filter

It will leave no residue, particles or streaks
When you move in to a place you're renting, take pictures of any and all damage

Then upload them to facebook so you can use the upload date as proof that you didn't do that damage'

Don't like spiders?

Rub a little citronella oil on your walls to keep them away
Out of febreeze after smoking at home?

Microwave popcorn! it'll cover up the smell with butter and you'll have a delicious snack
When traveling over the holidays, buy a cheap powerstrip and toss it into your carry on

That way,if the outlets are all used, you can ask to plug in, and possibly be the hero for a few other people to!
Are you feeling sad?

Eat a banana! it releases dopamine wich will make you feel better. Also do bananas taste amazing.
Set your alarm the saturday morning

It'll make your weekends feel longer!
Alternate between upper-body and lower-body on different days at the gym

So the muscle groups have time to rest and recover, preventing injury
When vihicle speed is above 55 mph

Use air conditioning instead of opening your window
If you're asking a girl out on a date

Always give her 2 options a week apart. This way you are never gonna date a girl wich is on her period
Need to make a paper longer?

12 point text and 14 point perriods and commas
When microwaving pizza put a glass of water in it

It'll stop the pizza from getting spongey
Use canola oil on your knife before cutting an onion

You wont cry!
Tortilla chips got a little stale?

Toss them in the oven for 10 minutes at 375, They'll come out like new
Worried about that big bag of cookies getting stale?

Toss in a piece of bread and they will stay soft longer
If you're a girl looking for sex tips

Ask your boyfriend what he wants instead of reading cosmo
Want to lower the chances of getting acne?

Regularly wash your pillowcases
Get a haircut the day before you get your drivers license

You will always be able to show what you want to the hairdresser
If you're taking your date out to dinner, look up the menu online

You can pay more attention to your date and still get good food
If you have a job interview

Go to the addres before your interview to avoid problems with directions and gps
To get around online newspaper paywalls

Turn private browsing on
Can't open a jar?

Run hot water over the lid to losen it
Zits to painful to pop?

Soak a Q-tip in warm water and apply to the zit for a few secconds to soften it
Buy a house close to a school

Your street will be the first to be plowwed when it snows
If you get burried in the snow by an avalanche and you don't know which way to dig?

Spit - The saliva will follow the gravity - and than dig the opposite direction
When washing windows, scueegee vertically outside, and horrizontally inside

If you see streaks you know which side their on